Profloan 3

Melbourne, Australia
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The world's best financial loan calculator.

Solutions Accurate To 4 Decimal Places

Desk Top, Tablet or Mobile Telephone

Cloud Based - Web Interface
Access From Anywhere There Is Internet

Profloan Professional Loan Calculator API - For 3rd Party Developers

Available now - the best is even better - choose Standard or Professional

Profloan Standard
Profloan Professional
Solve For Payments

Solve For Brokerage

Solve For Loan Amount

Solve For Interest Rate

Solve For Residual

Solve For Term

Solve For Effective Rate

Solve For Per Diem

Include Amortised and Non Amortised Monthly And Annual Fees

Solve For Simple Structure

Solve For Complex Structure

Printable Amortisation Schedule

Amortisation Schedule - Rule of 78 Included

Save Solutions

Multiple Simultaneous Solutions

Email Solutions To Client

Estimator Grid

Estimator Grid Select And Save

Save And Restore Payment Patterns

Draw Downs

Interest Only Period

On Line Help

Profloan Standard
Profloan Professional
Per Month
AU $ 11.79
AU $ 19.95
Per Annum
AU $ 99.95
AU $ 195
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